Patch Manor - Miss Audrey's Tea Room
Patch Manor                         Manchester, Tn.              931.728.4430
201 S. Ramsey St.                                       
Carolyn's Creations Catering                                         
                                                                 Patch Manor

                                                               Lunch Dates  
                                                           Dec.15-19 and 22 
                                                     Reservations for 2-4 people           
                                                                11:00 - 2:00
                                                              By Reservation
                                                                 728 - 4430
                                                                 273 - 1711

                                                     Events and Reception Center
                                                           Beautiful Weddings
                                                   Your Way or Patch Manor Way
                        Reservations for groups of 20 and more are now being booked at any time of the week or weekend. Patch Manor will not be serving lunch everyday, but when we have a group scheduled we will be able to accept more reservations. I will post on "Patch" for that information and also on face book/patch manor. We have been honored to have served so many for the last ten years. Thank you for your patronage and
friendship. Call Jan at 931.273.1711, or email
       Getting Married? Patch Manor is beautiful for your outside wedding and inside
 reception. Best of all, we try to make it  easy and carefree for you. For information, call
 931-728-4430. For pictures, look in the wedding section of this site.
        When you visit Patch Manor, you're in for a treat. Instantly, you are taken back
 in time when Southern hospitality was a way of life.
     Patch Manor was built during the Victorian and Georgian revival era of late 1880's and 1890's;which is still very evident today, with the two story white wood plank board home, flanked by columned, covered porches. The balcony and stairs were added in 2003 to be used for beautiful weddings.
We hope to see you soon.       
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